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These Technologies Will Shift the Global Balance of Power in the Next 20 Years

Governments, businesses, and economists have all been caught off guard by the geopolitical shifts that happened with the crash of oil prices and the slowdown of China’s economy. Most believe… read more
The post These Technologies Will Shift the Gl…

What We’re Reading This Week Across the Web (Through May 9)

ROBOTICS: Foxconn’s Robot Army Yet to Prove Match for Humans Lorraine Luk | The Wall Street Journal “While the company has automated more manufacturing processes for components and established some lights-out, or… read more

3D Printed Electronic Devices Are Coming

The handheld computers we carry in our pockets represent almost unimaginable complexity. Batteries, sensors, chips, circuits, and touch displays in a space age shell, all painstakingly assembled by thousands of workers and… read more