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The Future of Flying Cars: Science Fact or Science Fiction?

Uber has shaken up the taxi industry and is trying to put driverless cars on our roads. Now the company aims to have flying ride-sharing vehicles in our skies by 2020. Uber is not alone in working towards flying cars. But is this realistic, or just marketing hype? To many of us, the concept of […]

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through March 18)

DRONES Airbus Swears Its Pod/Car/Drone Is a Serious Idea Definitely Jack Stewart | WIRED “Airbus came up with a crazy idea to change all of that with Pop.Up, a conceptual two-passenger pod that clips to a set of wheels, hangs under a quadcopter, links with others to create a train, and even zips through a […]

10 Tech Trends That Made the World Better in 2016

2016 was an incredible year for technology, and for humanity. Despite all the negative political-related news, there were 10 tech trends this year that positively transformed humanity. For this “2017 Kick-Off” post, I reviewed 52 weeks of science and technology breakthroughs, and categorized them into the top 10 tech trends changing our world. I’m blown […]

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through June 18th)

FUTURE OF WORK: Basic Income: A Sellout of the American Dream David H. Freedman | MIT Technology Review “What’s not to like about free money? …Well, there’s the fact that a universal basic income could add as much as $2 trillion in annual expenses to the U.S. budget. Then there’s the question of whether such a program might disconnect large swaths of our population from the positive aspects of working for a living—a potentially toxic side… read more

Forget Flying Cars—Last Century’s Artists Wanted Whale Buses (and More)

We are seldom more creative than when imagining the future. We like to dream, we like to dream big—and sometimes engineering and science makes those dreams come true. Take Leonardo da Vinci for example. Often the contraptions he drew, such as the famous helicopter-like “aerial screw,” were impossible to create, especially considering the materials and technologies available at the time. But almost 400 years later, we have the helicopter—in no small way thanks to the inspirational imagination of the great Leonardo. More recent generations have also imagined how people would move from place to place in the future—the future we… read more

The Technologies ‘Back to the Future’ Got Right, Wrong, and Left Out Entirely

26 years ago, Marty McFly and Doc Brown climbed into their time-traveling flying DeLorean and set the controls to the distant future — October 21, 2015 — which happens to be this… read more

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If We Made ‘Back to the Future II’ Today: What Would 2045 Look Like?

It’s officially 2015, the year Marty McFly and Doc Brown visited in their souped up DeLorean time machine in Back to the Future Part II. There’s been a flurry of… read more