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Helping computers perceive human emotions

Personalized machine-learning models capture subtle variations in facial expressions to better gauge how we feel. MIT Media Lab researchers have developed a machine-learning model that takes computers a step closer to interpreting our emotions as naturally as humans do. In the growing field of “affective computing,” robots and computers are being developed to analyze facial…

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Personalized deep learning improves robots for autism therapy

Children with autism spectrum conditions often have trouble recognizing the emotional states of people around them – distinguishing a happy face from a fearful face, for instance. To remedy this, some therapists use kid-friendly robots for autism therapy to demonstrate those emotions and to engage the children in imitating the emotions and responding to them…

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Drug Discovery AI Can Do in a Day What Currently Takes Months

To create a new drug, researchers have to test tens of thousands of compounds to determine how they interact. And that’s the easy part; after a substance is found to be effective against a disease, it has to perform well in three different phases of clinical trials and be approved by regulatory bodies. It’s estimated […]

Google Says Machine Learning Chips Make AI Faster and More Efficient

Google recently bared the inner workings of its dedicated machine learning chip, the TPU, marking the latest skirmish in the arms race for AI hardware supremacy. Shorthand for Tensor Processing Unit, the chip has been tailored for use with Google’s open-source machine learning library TensorFlow, and has been in use in Google’s data centers since […]

Canada Hopes to Energize Homegrown AI With Big New Investment

Much of the groundbreaking AI research of recent decades originated in Canada, but it’s largely Silicon Valley that’s brought it into the real world. Now Canada is looking to take back its lead with the launch of a new research hub dedicated to the technology. The non-profit Vector Institute, launched last week, will be based […]

Google Chases General Intelligence With New AI That Has a Memory

For a mind to be capable of tackling anything, it has to have a memory. Humans are exceptionally good at transferring old skills to new problems. Machines, despite all their recent wins against humans, aren’t. This is partly due to how they’re trained: artificial neural networks like Google’s DeepMind learn to master a singular task […]

The Body Is the Missing Link for Truly Intelligent Machines

It’s tempting to think of the mind as a layer that sits on top of more primitive cognitive structures. We experience ourselves as conscious beings, after all, in a way that feels different to the rhythm of our heartbeat or the rumblings of our stomach. If the operations of the brain can be separated out […]

3 Exciting Biotech Trends to Watch Closely in 2017

As I start to look at the emerging trends of 2017 from the vantage of IndieBio, where we see hundreds of biotech startup applications and technologies per year, a few key themes are already emerging. Even as political landscapes change, science and technology continue to push forward. 1. Cell Therapies and Regenerative Medicine Most of us […]

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through January 28)

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AI Could Transform the Science of Counting Crowds Jeremy Hsu | IEEE Spectrum “Crowd counts for politically-charged events such as protests or presidential inaugurations can sometimes spark controversy…Newer AI methods such as deep learning could soon boost the accuracy of computer vision…But even training is not as simple as just feeding online images of crowd events into the […]

Why the Latest AI Wave Will Gain Momentum in the Coming Year

It can read lips and create new food recipes. It can win at chess, Jeopardy and the game Go. Every major technology company appears to be integrating it into how they organize and operate their business. And it seems like just about every new app in existence claims its software uses some sort of machine […]