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Where Artificial Intelligence Is Now and What’s Just Around the Corner

Unexpected convergent consequences…this is what happens when eight different exponential technologies all explode onto the scene at once. This post (the second of seven) is a look at artificial intelligence. Future posts will look at other tech areas. An expert might be reasonably good at predicting the growth of a single exponential technology (e.g., the Internet of Things), but try to predict the future when A.I., robotics, VR, synthetic biology and computation are all doubling, morphing and recombining. You have a very exciting (read: unpredictable) future. ​ This year at my Abundance 360 Summit I decided to explore this concept in sessions… read more

This Week’s Awesome Stories from Around the Web (Through Jul 11)

ROBOTICS: Robots Can’t Kill You—and Claiming They Can is Dangerous Ron Chrisley | Gizmodo “Since robots don’t have responsibility, humans are the ones responsible for what robots do. However, as robots become more… read more
The post T…

These 11 Technologies Will Go Big in 2015

If you thought 2014 was thrilling, here’s a look at what I’m most excited about for 2015. Here are 11 of the most exciting new technologies moving from deceptive to… read more