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Robot Cars Can Teach Themselves How to Drive in Virtual Worlds

Over the holidays, I went for a drive with a Tesla. With, not in, because the car was doing the driving. Hearing about autonomous vehicles is one thing; experiencing it was something entirely different. When the parked Model S calmly drove itself out of the garage, I stood gaping in awe, completely mind-blown. If this […]

Self-Driving Cars Will Soon Be Everywhere—But You May Not Own One

Even as the capabilities of self-driving cars continue to evolve, it is not a given that consumers will choose to buy one. What is equally likely is that autonomous vehicles will transform the automotive industry entirely. According to some estimates, there could be as many as 10 million cars with self-driving features on the road […]

Take a Ride in a Fully Autonomous Tesla Today [Video]

Ever wanted your own self-driving car? You can buy one today—but it may be a while until it officially becomes your personal chauffeur. Tesla recently announced that all vehicles currently in production have full self-driving hardware pre-installed. To illustrate, they released a video from the driver’s perspective “behind the wheel” of a self-driving Tesla in action. While private companies make headlines publicly testing fully autonomous vehicles, no one has yet offered a product anybody can… read more

An Uber Self-Driving Truck Just Took Off With 50,000 Beers

Drivers on Colorado’s interstate 25 may have gotten a good scare last Thursday, and it wasn’t a Halloween prank—glancing into the cab of an Otto 18-wheeler loaded with a beer delivery, they’d have been stunned to notice there was no one at the wheel. In the first-ever commercial shipment completed using self-driving technology, the truck drove itself 120 miles from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs while its human driver sat in the sleeper cab. The… read more

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through October 22nd)

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Conscious Exotica Murray Shanahan | Aeon “In what follows I attempt to…[describe] the structure of the space of possible minds, in two dimensions: the capacity for consciousness and the human-likeness of behavior. Implicit in this mapping seems to be the possibility of forms of consciousness so alien that we would not recognize them.” ROBOTICS: How Analog and Neuromorphic Chips Will Rule the Robotic Age Shahin Farshchi | IEEE Spectrum “Why the move to analog… read more

Self-Driving Car Sensors Just Got Smaller, Cheaper, and Better All at Once

Self-driving cars have advanced a lot in recent years—going from test track prototypes to fixtures on the roads of select cities. And while they still require human supervision on public roads, it’s predicted that in the not-so-distant future driverless cars will not only take over the road, they’ll do a much better job than we’ve been doing. No more drunk driving, texting while driving, falling asleep at the wheel, or other human errors will mean… read more

How Self-Driving Cars Will Change It All—From Energy to Real Estate

In a presentation at Singularity University’s first annual Global Summit, Brad Templeton informed attendees, “Self-driving cars are going to change the world.” You may have heard that before—but if anyone has the credentials to back up a statement like this, it’s Templeton. A software architect, internet entrepreneur, and board member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, he’s been a consultant on Google’s team designing a driverless car, and he regularly lectures and blogs about automated transportation…. read more

Google’s Robot Car Crash Is a Very Positive Sign

Reports released reveal that one of Google’s Gen-2 vehicles (the Lexus) has had a fender-bender (with a bus) with some responsibility assigned to the system. This is the first crash of this type — all other impacts have been reported as fairly clearly the fault of the other driver. This crash ties into an upcoming article I will be writing about driving in places where everybody violates the rules. I just landed from a trip to India, which is one of the strongest examples of this sort of road system, far more chaotic than California, but it got me thinking… read more

In a Driverless Future, What Happens to Today’s Drivers?

Self-driving cars are becoming a very real technology. The latest Tesla car has an autopilot feature. The CEO of Uber has stated that he will buy every self-driving car Tesla… read more
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California DMV Regulations May Kill the State’s Robocar Lead

Be careful what you wish for — yesterday the California DMV released its proposed regulations for the operation of robocars in California. All of this sprang from Google’s request to… read more

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