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Upcycle Glass Spheres into Unique Speaker Enclosures

If you were to create a speaker enclosure, conventional wisdom would have you starting with medium density fiberboard (MDF), or, possibly, some other wood product. Ryan Sweeney, however, decided instead to use a thick glass cylinder for each speaker, m…

6 Bicycles and Accessories for the Cycling Woodworker

Riding a bike and a love of the outdoors and nature go hand-in-hand. Why not combine the two by actually making your bike out of wood? Although it’s hard to avoid using some rubber and metal in your design, even a wooden accessory or set of frame…

New Project: Make a Bamboo Water Fountain to Frighten Critters from Your Garden

This Japanese water feature literally rocks!
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DIY Bamboo Bike

Green, attractive, and functional, bamboo bicycles are an accessible projectRead more on MAKE

DiResta: Puzzle Box

In this episode of DiResta, Jimmy builds a puzzle box from wood, trying first with oak but settling on bamboo.Read more on MAKE