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The Next Data-Driven Healthtech Revolution

Increasing your healthspan (i.e. making 100 years old the new 60) will depend to a large degree on artificial intelligence. And, as we saw in last week’s blog, healthcare AI systems are extremely data-hungry. Fortunately, a slew of new sensors and data acquisition methods—including over 122 million wearables shipped in 2018—are bursting onto the scene to […]

AI Is Rapidly Augmenting Healthcare and Longevity

When it comes to the future of healthcare, perhaps the only technology more powerful than CRISPR is artificial intelligence. Over the past five years, healthcare AI startups around the globe raised over $4.3 billion across 576 deals, topping all other industries in AI deal activity. During this same period, the FDA has given 70 AI […]

How Genome Sequencing and Senolytics Can Help Us Live Healthier, Longer

The causes of aging are extremely complex and unclear. With the dramatic demonetization of genome reading and editing over the past decade, and Big Pharma, startups, and the FDA starting to face aging as a disease, we are starting to find practical ways to extend our healthspan. Here, in Part 2 of a series of blogs […]

To Extend Our Longevity, First We Must Understand Why We Age

Healthcare today is reactive, retrospective, bureaucratic, and expensive. It’s sick care, not healthcare. But that is radically changing at an exponential rate. Through this multi-part blog series on longevity, I’ll take a deep dive into aging, longevity, and healthcare technologies that are working together to dramatically extend the human lifespan, disrupting the $3 trillion healthcare system […]

The Fascinating, Creepy New Research in Human Hibernation for Space Travel

No interstellar travel movie is complete without hibernators. From Prometheus to Passengers, we’ve watched protagonists awaken in hibernation pods, rebooting their fragile physiology from a prolonged state of suspended animation—a violent process that usually involves ejecting stomach fluids. This violent re-awakening seems to make sense. Humans, after all, don’t naturally hibernate. But a small, eclectic […]

The How, Why, and Whether of Custom Digital Avatars That Live on After We Die

A digital afterlife may soon be within reach, but it might not be for your benefit. The reams of data we’re creating could soon make it possible to create digital avatars that live on after we die, aimed at comforting our loved ones or sharing our experience with future generations. That may seem like a […]

Eternal Life Is No Good Without Eternal Youth

Longer lives seem attractive, but as we age we become susceptible to a host of late-life diseases that can prevent us from enjoying our later years. But science is beginning to create ways to increase our healthspan, not just our lifespan. While modern medicine and healthier lifestyles are allowing us to live far longer than […]

This Drug Combo Extends Lifespan and Healthspan in Mice by Killing ‘Zombie’ Cells

Aging may seem like the most natural—and inevitable—thing in life. Yet according to a new study in Nature Medicine, rejuvenating an aging body may be as easy as kitchen renovations. Simply swap drill and hammer for a cocktail of two drugs already on the market; rather than pulling out decrepit cabinets, kill off aged “zombie” […]

Have We Reached the Limit of Human Longevity? New Study Says No

In 1997, when Jeannne Loise Calment died at the age of 122, she was the longest-living human on record. But she won’t always be. According to a new study published last week in Science, humans are nowhere near our maximum lifespan—if such a limit exists at all. By analyzing the mortality rates of nearly 4,000 […]

How Artificial Intelligence Could Help Us Live Longer

What if we could generate novel molecules to target any disease, overnight, ready for clinical trials? Imagine leveraging machine learning to accomplish with 50 people what the pharmaceutical industry can barely do with an army of 5,000. It’s a multibillion-dollar opportunity that can help billions. The worldwide pharmaceutical market, one of the slowest monolithic industries […]