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Quantum Computing Demands a Whole New Kind of Programmer

Quantum computers finally seem to be coming of age with promises of “quantum supremacy” by the end of the year. But there’s a problem—very few people know how to work them. The bold claim of achieving “quantum supremacy” came on the back of Google unveiling a new quantum chip design. The hyperbolic phrase essentially means building a […]

This Is What Makes Quantum Computers Powerful Problem Solvers

In a previous article, I introduced the recent open-sourcing of quantum computing software by DWave. DWave is the maker of a quantum computer being used and studied by a number of groups, including NASA and Google, and there are other quantum computers in the works too. Although the field is still young, recent progress has […]

Physicists Unveil Blueprint for a Quantum Computer the Size of a Soccer Field

Quantum computers promise to crack some of the world’s most intractable problems by super-charging processing power. But the technical challenges involved in building these machines mean they’ve still achieved just a fraction of what they are theoretically capable of. Now physicists from the UK have created a blueprint for a soccer-field-sized machine they say could […]

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through January 28)

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AI Could Transform the Science of Counting Crowds Jeremy Hsu | IEEE Spectrum “Crowd counts for politically-charged events such as protests or presidential inaugurations can sometimes spark controversy…Newer AI methods such as deep learning could soon boost the accuracy of computer vision…But even training is not as simple as just feeding online images of crowd events into the […]

Quantum Computing Progress Will Speed Up Thanks to Open Sourcing

In the quest for ever more powerful computers, researchers are beginning to build quantum computers—machines that exploit the strange properties of physics on the smallest of scales. The field has been making progress in recent years, and quantum computing company D-Wave is one of the pioneers. Researchers at Google, NASA, and elsewhere have been studying […]

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through January 14th)

QUANTUM COMPUTING Quantum Computing Is Real, and D-Wave Just Open-Sourced It Klint Finley | WIRED “Qbsolv is designed to help developers program D-Wave machines without needing a background in quantum physics… today the company released Qbsolv as open source, meaning anyone will be able to freely share and modify the software… The goal, Ewald says, […]

Massive Disruption Is Coming With Quantum Computing

Next year, we may see the launch of the first true quantum computers. The implications will be staggering. This post aims to answer three questions: What are quantum computers? What are their implications? Who’s working on them? There’s a lot to unpack here, so hang tight, and let’s jump in! What Is Quantum Computing? Moore’s Law (or the exponential growth of integrated circuits) is actually referring to the fifth paradigm of computation. Here’s the list… read more

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through October 1st)

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Tech Titans Join Forces to Stop AI From Behaving Badly Will Knight | MIT Technology Review “A new organization called the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society will seek to foster public dialogue and create guidelines for developing AI so that systems do not misbehave…’The positive impacts of AI will depend not only on the quality of our algorithms, but on the level of public engagement, of transparency, and ethical discussion… read more

How Quantum Computing Can Make Finance More Scientific

Exponential Finance celebrates the incredible opportunity at the intersection of technology and finance. Apply here to join Singularity University, CNBC, and hundreds of the world’s… read more

10 Most Exciting SciTech Advances of 2015

As we near the end of 2015, here are my top 10 picks for 2015 technology breakthroughs. These genius inventions are sending us careening into a world of abundance, bold visionaries and… read more
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