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These Disruptive Technologies Could Be Worth Trillions of Dollars

Scientists, technologists, engineers, and visionaries are building the future. Amazing things are in the pipeline. It’s a big deal. But you already knew all that. Such speculation is common. What’s less common? Scale. How big is big? “Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley, Silicon Dock, all of the Silicons around the world, they are dreaming the dream. […]

Connecting People to Prosperity in the Exponential Age

“Our assumptions about how economies function no longer seem to hold true entirely because of exponential technology.” This claim came from entrepreneur and Singularity University faculty member, Amin Toufani, during his talk at Singularity University’s Exponential Finance Summit in New York last week. In what he calls exponential economics or “exonomics,” Toufani breaks the tech-driven […]

Five Fintech Companies Using AI to Improve Business

Artificial intelligence may be all the craze in Silicon Valley, but on Wall Street, well, there’s a lot of skepticism. High-powered algorithms are not a new phenomenon in finance, and for this industry, the name of the game is efficiency and precision. Quite frankly, finance executives want systems that, in one way or another, make […]

How Blockchain Can Make Identification Borderless and Immutable

Refugees fleeing conflict zones around the world have to deal with hardships like illness, hunger, exhaustion, and culture shock. They have to keep their families together and find shelter and food in safe environments far from what drove them from their homes. Amid all this, worrying about their economic identity doesn’t sound like it would […]

Get It While It’s Hot: Why Fintech Is a Goldmine for Investors

It’s 1998 in Silicon Valley, and PayPal is born. Many argue this was the moment that launched fintech as we know it. Today, fintech is comprised of roughly 15,000 startups globally, all focused on either enabling or disrupting the industry. Fintech is still relatively new, and yet it has a remarkable amount of money flowing […]

Quantum Computers Will Analyze Every Financial Model at Once

In the movie Office Space, Peter Gibbons has a stroke of genius. Confronted with the utter mundanity of a life slaving away at his office park software company, he convinces his friends to make a computer virus to skim a fraction of a cent off transactions into a shared bank account. This, of course, goes […]

Technology Will Erase Jobs—But Also Make Everything Cheap or Free

At an event about how technology is shaping the future of money, it seems counterintuitive to talk about a future where technology has mostly done away with the need for money to live. But that’s the future Peter Diamandis envisions. At Singularity University’s Exponential Finance Summit in New York this week, Diamandis talked about the […]

Tune Into the Future of Fintech at Exponential Finance This Week

Singularity University’s Exponential Finance Summit begins today and runs through June 9 in New York, the finance industry’s bustling capital. You can tune into the summit as it happens from anywhere with this livestream. Singularity Hub is also covering the event as it brings together financial and technology leaders from across the industry. From exciting […]

Will Tech-Driven Deflation Export Japan’s Economic Woes to the World?

In the post-war years and into the 80s, no economy could match Japan’s for sheer speed and growth. Since then, however, Japan has struggled to overcome slower growth and stubborn deflation. The country’s struggling economy even seems to be defeating Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s once lauded ‘Abenomics’ stimulus program. Worse still, there doesn’t seem to be […]

Financial Leaders: Make Your Mark on the Future at Exponential Finance

From digital currency to machine learning, the financial industry is being rocked by exponential technologies. Blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, quantum computing, crowdfunding, and computing systems are allowing startups to solve consumer needs in new ways. The downfall of the world’s largest institutions may not be imminent, but these new technologies are breaking up […]