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Solar Is Now the Cheapest Energy There Is in the Sunniest Parts of the World

Manufacturing is about robots and assembly lines, supply chains and finished products. It’s about the roof over your head, the car you drive to work, and the computer you stare at all day. We live in a cocoon of modern industrial products. And today, we make more than ever. But really, at its roots, manufacturing […]

Will Tech-Driven Deflation Export Japan’s Economic Woes to the World?

In the post-war years and into the 80s, no economy could match Japan’s for sheer speed and growth. Since then, however, Japan has struggled to overcome slower growth and stubborn deflation. The country’s struggling economy even seems to be defeating Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s once lauded ‘Abenomics’ stimulus program. Worse still, there doesn’t seem to be […]

How the World Has Changed From 1917 to 2017

Over the last 100 years, the world has changed tremendously. For perspective, this year at Abundance 360, I gave a few fun examples of what the world looked like in 1917. This blog is a look at what the world looked like a century ago and what it looks like today. Let’s dive in. In […]

6 Tools Entrepreneurs Must Master to Succeed in an Accelerating World

Being an entrepreneur today is vastly different than it was 20 years ago. Today, each of us has access to more capital, more technological tools, more information, more talent, and more computational power than the CEOs of the world’s biggest companies did just two decades ago. As I think about what it takes to succeed […]

Could Having Too Much Become a Bigger Problem Than Having Too Little?

Years ago I traveled to Juarez, Mexico for work, staying across the border in El Paso, Texas and driving back and forth each day. On the Texas side, American life bustled on as usual: wide, well-maintained highways hummed with orderly traffic. Most of the cars were less than a decade old. Strip malls and recently-constructed […]

10 Tech Trends That Made the World Better in 2016

2016 was an incredible year for technology, and for humanity. Despite all the negative political-related news, there were 10 tech trends this year that positively transformed humanity. For this “2017 Kick-Off” post, I reviewed 52 weeks of science and technology breakthroughs, and categorized them into the top 10 tech trends changing our world. I’m blown […]

7 of Our Most Viral Hits on Tech and the Future in 2016

Everyone wants to know what’s coming. At Singularity University, faculty are constantly bombarded with questions about what’s next. At Singularity Hub, we’re trying to keep our wits about us as our staff, editors, contributors, faculty, and Peter Diamandis himself show us what might be over the horizon. We’re ever-optimistic about the impact of exponential technologies, […]

6 Big Ways Tech Is Rewriting Society’s Rules

Technology is advancing so rapidly that we will experience radical changes in society not only in our lifetimes but in the coming years. We have already begun to see ways in which computing, sensors, artificial intelligence and genomics are reshaping entire industries and our daily lives. As we undergo this rapid change, many of the old assumptions that we have relied on will no longer apply. Technology is creating a new set of rules that will… read more

Why the World Is Better Than Ever—and Will Get Better Still

If you read or watch the news, you’ll likely think the world is falling to pieces. Trends like terrorism, climate change, and a growing population straining the planet’s finite resources can easily lead you to think our world is in crisis. But there’s another story, a story the news doesn’t often report. This story is backed by data, and it says we’re actually living in the most peaceful, abundant time in history, and things are… read more

Answers to 4 Big Questions About the Future [Video]

I give over 50 keynotes per year. My favorite part is fielding the crazy questions at the end. In fact, I love answering questions about exponentials and abundance so much that I’ve been encouraging my community (that’s you) to tweet the questions at me using #AskPeterD. This week, I thought I’d share my video answers to four of my favorite (recent) questions. Check it out — here are the questions: Is there a future of blockchain… read more