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Running for 60-Minutes Adds 7 Years to Your Life

New findings show that a single hour of running can add seven years to a person’s life. The research was published in the journal Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases and pulled data from more than 55,000 people on health and premature death. The study found running to increase lifespan more than any other type of exercise, and the risk of premature death to be lowered an astonishing 43 percent for runners who engage in other forms of exercise According to the assistant professor at Iowa State…

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Improve Athletic Performance with PowerBreather Wave

Athletes are the perfect early adopters of technology as they embrace new methods of improving their performance. We’ve seen action cameras such as GoPro take off as a way of capturing high stake moments. There are also many wearables on the market such as FitBit and heart rate monitors that help measure key performance indicators through sensors and chips. However, naturally, the best technology will actually improve performance rather than measure or capture standard performances. The…

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Current Reality Vs. Virtual Reality: Practical Technology with Bluetooth Tracking for Valuables

CitizenTekk is giving away a free Bluetooth tracker combo pack. Enter here. While virtual reality, artificial intelligence and autonomous cars are vying for investment dollars and histrionic attention among tech enthusiasts, it may be creating an information vacuum for those located inside the tech bubble. It’s captivating to think about robots doing the dishes and cars driving themselves down the interstate. Technology that alters our reality continues to attract top talent, including…

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Hoover Releases 3D Printed Accessories Files

Hoover, a company once so synonymous with vacuum cleaners that using any vacuum was known as “Hoovering”, has announced a partnership with Makerbot to release accessories for their vacuums on the popular design sharing site, Thingiverse. T…