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Vital Lessons on Disruption From the Demise of Corporate Giants

This post is about how to not to be disrupted and, perhaps more importantly, how to disrupt yourself before someone else does. I had the chance to sit down with Ed McNierney, who came out of Lotus 1-2-3 and ran digital strategy at Kodak. Over the years, he has learned a lot from both Lotus and Kodak’s failures. Ed brings 30 years of wide-ranging technology expertise to the table — and he’s seen a lot of unintended disruption. Who Is Ed McNierney? In the late 1980s, Ed led the development of Lotus 1-2-3 for Windows in an attempt to compete with the… read more

Coming Data Deluge Means You’ll Know Anything You Want, Anytime, Anywhere

We’re heading towards a world of perfect knowledge. Soon you’ll be able to know anything you want, anytime, anywhere, and query that data for answers and insights. Why is this… read more