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Biohacking Will Let You Connect Your Body to Anything You Want

How many cyborgs did you see during your morning commute today? I would guess at least five. Did they make you nervous? Probably not; you likely didn’t even realize they were there. In a presentation titled “Biohacking and the Connected Body” at Singularity University Global Summit, Hannes Sjoblad informed the audience that we’re already living in the age of cyborgs. Sjoblad is co-founder of the Sweden-based biohacker network Bionyfiken, a chartered non-profit that unites DIY-biologists, hackers,… read more

Cyborg Superpower: Man Can Hear the Internet

Television, cellphones, radio, WiFi—modern civilization converses in radio waves. Most of us need some kind of device to translate the signals into something we can consume on a screen or… read more