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New 3D Printer Filament Brings Lost-Wax Casting To Your Desktop

  When it comes to 3D printing, no one is innovating and creating new materials like Kai Parthy. Kai’s “Lay” series of filaments have been pushing the market over the past few years with Laywood and Laybrick being the most popula…

3D Printed Electronic Devices Are Coming

The handheld computers we carry in our pockets represent almost unimaginable complexity. Batteries, sensors, chips, circuits, and touch displays in a space age shell, all painstakingly assembled by thousands of workers and… read more

It’s A New Filament Friday! New Flexibles and Metals

  Today, we saw two announcements for new 3D printing materials coming to market. 2014 has seen a huge rush of new filaments coming forward, as well as users who are adopting their unique attributes to take their 3D printing projects to the next l…