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Will the Future Be Hellish, Heavenly, or Simply Better Than Today?

What will the future look like? Imagine it for a second. Maybe you see a gleaming city cleaner than anything has a right to be. Personal flying machines zip overhead, like insects pollinating megatowers in a skyline designed to make Dubai blush. Technology for the win. We humans have figured it all out. Or maybe it’s grimy. The Disney future was more popular before weapons of mass destruction, financial panic, and the internet made us… read more

Will Artificial Intelligence Transform How We Grow and Consume Food? [Video]

Today, agriculture is more efficient than ever, but it’s also more dependent on environmental, technological, and social issues like never before. Climate change, drought and other disasters, shifting energy landscapes, population growth,… read mor…

Watch: What Is Consciousness? We Now Have the Tools to Find Out

The question of consciousness is as old as philosophy. Most animals appear to get along just fine without a sense of ‘me-ness’. But human beings are different. (At least, as… read more
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Disrupting Regulation: Robot Cars, Blockchain and Robotic Pharmacies

In recent years, regulators and lawmakers have been caught off guard by quick-moving new technologies—3D printed guns, genetically modified glowing plants, new business models for sharing economy companies and drones. As… read more
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How Can Virtual Reality Improve the Quality of Life for People Around the World?

Every so often we post discussion questions here on Singularity Hub hoping to drive an interesting conversation. Today, I’d like to do a different type of discussion: a brainstorm session. Since… read more
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Is It Really So Bad If We Prefer Virtual Reality to Reality?

As I’ve been developing this series, I’ve gotten to spend time with people who are working on the coolest innovations in virtual reality. Surprisingly, whether they’re the CEO of a haptics… read more
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How Will We Meet the Energy Demands of the Coming Megacities?

Odds are you live in a city. In fact, more than half the world today lives in cities and by 2050, it’s expected that two-thirds of the world will be residing in cities…. read more
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Stanford Virtual Reality Lab Ditches $40K Rig for $350 Oculus Rift

Ever since the Oculus Rift first started blowing minds a few years ago, virtual reality hasn’t just been a hot topic, it’s inspired a $2 billion Facebook acquisition and a… read more

Looking Ahead as Moore’s Law Turns 50: What’s Next for Computing?

On April 19, 1965, Intel cofounder Gordon Moore (then of Fairchild Semiconductor) published a paper on the fledgling technology of integrated circuits. In the paper, Moore noted that the number of… read more

Which Industry Will Produce the Next Henry Ford…Space? 3D Printing? Biotech?

Modern machines, powerful and clever, have enabled us to attempt seemingly impossible tasks, like traveling to the moon. Now, mere decades after Apollo’s computers guided us to the lunar surface, millions… read more