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New Project: Building a Robot Arm Part 3: Designing the Mount Section

So far in designing our robot arm we have designed and printed the base and the modular arm segment. Now, after designing the basis of our robot, we are ready to design and print the final piece. Still, this piece is special; this is how we mount somet…

New Research Allows for Incredibly Colored 3D Prints

We have seen hydrographic film used in the past to give your 3D prints some color. Now, a group of researchers from Columbia University and Zhejiang University have released a research paper showing how they can precisely place full-color texture map…

Othermill Manufacturing Stays Close to Home

It takes a village to make the Othermill desktop CNC mill, but despite current trends offshore, that village is based in the San Francisco Bay Area instead of Chinese manufacturing hotbed Shenzhen.
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The post Othermill Manufacturing Sta…

Video: Teenage NASA Employee Creates Mind-Control Bionic Arm

It’s always great to hear about young people doing good things for humanity. Easton LaChappelle not only blows my mind but is a huge inspiration. The 19 year old recently accepted a job with NASA after creating a 3D printed prosthetic arm th…

3D Printer That Scans Objects to Print on Its Surface

MIT researchers design 3D printer that incorporates a cheap and effective solution to find objects on the print bed.
A laser line and webcam allow users to continue an unfinished print with precision.
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