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Incredible Halo Diorama

Andrew Theo, a creative director in the entertainment business by day, has spent several years of his nights bringing the digital world of Halo to life. Dubbed Halo: Reclaim, this 4’×6′ hobby diorama took Theo two years to build, using the…

Unreal Miniature Dioramas of Batmobile, Urban Decay

The scale models and dioramas of Tokyo-based artist Satoshi Araki are so incredibly life-like, you almost need his Gulliver-sized hand in the frame to reveal the truth behind these Lilliputian worlds. Amazingly, he uses a lot of Styrofoam to build the …

French Artist Creates Realistic Miniature Laboratories

French artist Marc Giai-Miniet turns tiny boxes into dark laboratories and librariesRead more on MAKE