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3D Printed Clay Art of Oliver Van Herpt

Oliver van Herpt has created an impressive 3D printer that can make elegant and complex clay pots in a matter of hours. Could this spark a boom in the pottery market?Read more on MAKE

Build a $700 Ceramic Spitting Delta 3D Printer

DIY ceramic 3D printer can be built on a budget with common and modified parts found on eBay and online retail stores.
Johnathan Keep’s Ceramic Delta 3D Printer in an Arduino SBC controls the show allowing users to create objects using clay.
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The PartDaddy: 16’2″ Delta Printer

Friday was setup day for Maker Faire Detroit and the guys from SeeMeCNC went big with The PartDaddy, a 16’2″ tall delta style printer. When a client expressed a desire to print an entire model rocket in a single print, the guys at SeeMeCNC …