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Upgrade Your Cardboard Car with Downloadable Templates

Sorry, this racecar doesn't come in adult sizes...yetThere’s something so satisfying about a cardboard box. Remember getting a new toy and spending hours playing with the box instead? Even pets know the joy of playing with an empty cardboard box. Pretending a box is a race car is good fun, but what if it actually looked like […]

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Build a Modern Bench With Cardboard Tubes

Learn how to create a unique bench using plywood, a 2″×6″, and cardboard tubes recycled from a large format printer.
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Attack On Titan Cardboard Table Is Cosplay for Your Couch

  There are two hot properties engulfing living rooms everywhere across North America. One is of the animated variety and the other is of the ‘must have’ home furnishings persuasion. First we have one of the hottest anime programs in the histo…

Extreme Cardboarding: Cardboard Treadmill Workout

Now that spring is upon us and thoughts of not so distant summer weather fill our imaginations, many of us will be looking to get into optimum shape after months of lethargy during the winter. After pushing the envelope on the limits cardboard can be s…

Cardboard Elliptical Workout Machine: Pushing the Boundaries of Cardboard Invention

When my You Tube subscribers ask me if there is a limit to what can be made with cardboard, my answer is an empathic “no”! As shown in my various Makezine posts throughout the past year, the ways cardboard can be manipulated into ideas ranging from…

Mayor Rob Ford Cardboard Rocking Chair

If you haven’t heard about the antics of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford as yet, most likely you have just now emerged from a hibernation that started before May 2013 or you have arrived back home to Earth after battling an alien invasion in the Kepler galaxy…